Do you use Liquid?

Hey folks, can I get a show of hands for how many of you use the Liquid templating language… and where/for what? (For your app, for another app, like Mephisto or Shopify, etc.)

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  1. RSL says:

    I’m about to for a CMS I’m developing [Crosses fingers that you’re planning one of your awesome cheat sheets.]

  2. Michael D. Ivey says:

    Hi Amy,

    I used liquid for account-specific templates on a content system last year. I’m planning to use it for user-generated reports in a conference planning/registration app I’m working on, unless ruport looks like it does what I need (haven’t started investigating too deeply yet.)

  3. Thought I was going to be able to ignore Liquid, then I went and switched to Mephisto, then I discovered I didn’t quite like any of the available templates, so…you can guess what happens next. Won’t say I’m really a Liquid user yet but I need to be one RealSoonNow.

  4. I use it for XML templates to generate stuff like UPS / USPS / Fedex shipping quotes. I can’t be bothered to build up the XML doc in code using REXML or something like that. Liquid works great for this.

  5. Amy says:

    Daniel, why not use Builder?

  6. Hey Amy, Well – one reason that I didn’t use builder is because I didn’t know about it until I just read your comment 😉

    After looking at it, I still think that for this particular purpose, something like liquid is a better option. Some of these XML chunks that are being send off to places like UPS are 70-90 lines of XML (UPS has a hugely bloated shipping API). For me – I find it is MUCH easier to maintain this in an XML template form then it is to maintain in code. Also easier to debug.

  7. James Toast says:

    I’m looking into it, too. I’m hosting multiple sites in a single app that I’m building, and would like to eventually let my clients do their own design. At the moment I don’t have time to rewrite the app to deal with liquid templates, but I hope to dig into it before too long.

  8. No, but I like the looks of haml.

  9. Pascal says:

    After spending several hours over a few days trying to make it do what I wanted, I can’t say I’m convinced by the approach. It does what it took on to do a bit too well (non evaling) if you ask me and I’ll take Erb any day. Of course I don’t have to worry about anyone bringing down my servers. So to answer you question, Amy: yes, but grudgingly.

  10. I used it for a online e-commerce solution called shopify…

  11. I use it, when I develop apps for Shopify. Which I do sometimes as a favor for friends. Thanks, Tobias, for your product, which means I don’t have to stay on as eternal tech support once I have the thing launched.

    I’m glad I have the freedom to do layouts in it, but not a minute goes by that I don’t wish I was back home in TextMate with my rhtml and Builder (and my own controllers and views, but that’s another story.)

    Nothing against Liquid, but I think I’m in Pascal’s boat.

  12. Rick says:

    You bet. I was hired by a client to create an online store… fast and cheap. I chose to use, had to use liquid, loved it. I can’t wait to use it more.

  13. brasten says:

    Most recently used Liquid in a project to provide theming capabilities similar to Mephisto. Instead of running dozens of apps, the project powers dozens of similar sites when separate themes (similar to Shopify too, in that regard).

    Daniel– I was doing the UPS api with Liquid until a couple months ago… switched to Builder though, and personally that feels cleaner/better. Fire me an email if you consider switching and I’ll dig up the builder code I put together for the UPS rates request message — may save you some typing.

  14. I use it for which I still haven’t got around to doing a video for, but use to content manage a lot of small sites and a few medium ones.

  15. Rod Knowlton says:

    Like Mike Gunderloy, I’ve started using Mephisto, so I can’t say that I use Liquid, but I can say I will Really Soon Now(TM).

  16. Ben Johnson says:

    I’ve been using Liquid to build Mephisto sites for the last few months. Its flexibility has gotten me out of corners a few times now.

  17. BJ Clark says:

    I have used it with Mephisto, but I’m in the "I don’t really like it" boat. Not sure if it’s that I just don’t use it to it’s full advantage (because of the lack of docs) or something else, but I don’t find it to be the best solution.

  18. Our Raconteur product is a hosted application that is used to build static web sites. All sites built using Raconteur must provide a set of liquid templates to generate html (or whatever).

    The designers working with Raconteur are quite happy with liquid. It is certainly easy enough to use and has plenty of power for our purposes.

    Especially important (to me) is that it is ‘safe’. This allows us to operate Raconteur using a SaaS/on-demand model and that is crucial to our users.

  19. liz says:

    I would also love a liquid cheat sheet! I am about 95% done moving to Mephesto… its just that last 5% that is way too confusing.

  20. Dano says:

    Another Shopify user here!

    Just finished a 3 day marathon redisigning our store. Love getting code drunk on that liquid!!

  21. Chris Patterson says:

    I’ve thrown together a quick fix for the Win IE display issue reported in the "better archive pages" note.

    A working copy is visible at – the most interesting piece I found was that the absolute positioning of the content div was replicating the old IE float-doubling bug.

    I commented my changes, but am happy to give you a more in-depth writeup. Give me shout if that’d be of use.

    Apologies for the slightly-offtopic post, but comments were already closed for "better archive pages".

  22. Amy says:

    Hey folks, thanks for letting me know about your Liquid trials and tribulations. I may or may not be working on a cheat sheet. Only time will tell (you) 😀

    Chris, thanks for that. I’m looking into it now.

  23. kabari says:

    I use it for showers and stuff…

    but really, what is the liquid templating language? can someone link me something to read, sounds like something to know

  24. I used liquid to create a Mephisto template, i found a really useful page here:

  25. LeeOnCandler says:

    I’ve just posted the first draft of a cheat sheet on the Mephisto Blog on Google Groups:

    If anyone has suggestions or corrections, let me know before I clean it up and repost it as a pdf and web page.

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