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Dear Startup World: Chill the Fuck Out

Coming here from The Drama? This post is a reply to the drama, not the beginning of it. Justin’s post came first, after his podcast panel with me and Patrick McKenzie. Then the nasty comment quoted below, in re: Justin’s post. Then this blog post. Yup, how boring and lame is that? DRAMA LLAMA DING […]

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From Freelance to Product Empire

You wanna watch this interview with me on Mixergy. Especially if you’re a frustrated consultant (or freelancer). I talk turkey about how I went from being an overworked consultant (aka “wage slave” – ha!) to starting and running my own mini-product empire. if(!navigator.mimeTypes[‘application/x-shockwave-flash’])Wistia.VideoEmbed(‘wistia_298493′,600,290,{videoUrl:’’,stillUrl:’’,distilleryUrl:’’,accountKey:’wistia-production_1621′,mediaId:’wistia-production_298493′,mediaDuration:3905.7}) var socialJQuery = jQuery.noConflict(true);new SocialBar(“wistia_298493_social”, {buttons:[“embed”,”stats”,”twitter”,”facebook”,”email”,”wistia”],url:””,title:”From “Kept Woman” To Ruler Of Her […]

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Let’s Draw Back the Curtain

You wanna know why I write all this stuff? Why I’m so happy to disclose my income and strategies? It’s pretty simple: It’s a fucking vacuum out there. Those of us trying to make real money, we’re stumbling around in the dark, alone. There are thousands and thousands of blog posts about venture capital, viral […]

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