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love & hate: from knuckle tattoos to the internet’s emotional pulse with Twistori

This is one side of the story of twistori. I will tell the other later. Anyone who knows me knows about my rants. I like to rant. I rant about a lot of things, and always have—but as the years have accumulated in me and changed me, so have the topics of my rants shifted […]

Color links snacktastic

Still chipping away at the ol’ book. Argh. Argh. Did I mention argh? ARGH! Here are some tasty links to tide you over: Choosing color combinations from Veerle. It’s not nearly as exhaustive as I’d like, but color n00bs will find it very useful. Amazing animated personifications of color – sounds whacky, I know, but […]

Bad Design Case Study: Lush

What better way is there to learn than to look at what you shouldn’t do? Lush isn’t just a nice word for “borderline alcoholic,” it’s the name of a global company. Lush makes its millions selling juicy bath-stuffs, shampoos, lovely soaps, and “bath bombs” which splutter bubbles and foam and tasty smells when dropped into […]

Drop That Design! 6 Things You Need to Know About Color

Certain color combinations can make your eyes water, others can make your eyes practically leap out of their sockets in delight. Colors can help instill confidence in a product, company, or design—or undermine it. Color can set the mood, or destroy it. Color can make you fit in, or stand out—and it depends on your […]

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