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Why women entrepreneurs fail.

I’m about to break one of my very own rules: Don’t write for women. I’m a woman. I write about business. Why not write about business for women? Because I write for people, and women are people. Because business doesn’t care what you’re packing in your panties. At least, not the kind I write about,… Read more »

Curing the Lie of the Big Win (and the Big Fail)

We’re surrounded by the stories — the mytharc, if you will — of The Big Win. (Also the Big Fail.) “Twitter succeeded because…” “I failed because…” I’m here to tell you: That’s largely a load of crap. If you want to know why — and if you want to know how I succeed at so […]

The Product Revolution ‘tude

I’d like to bestow upon Copylicious Kelly the Shiny Happy Crown of Best Comment on the Last Blog Post for this revolution-friendly tidbit: I want to live in a world where big companies are forced to compete with the little people, splitting up into teensier, tinier pieces, adopting lamer and lamer logos before finally becoming […]

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