OSCON 2007 Call for Papers

Hankerin’ to talk at length about some thing to a bunch of geeks in a fairly interesting city in the dead of hot, hot summer?

Join me in Portland in July for OSCON. (Where it’s not actually all that hot—Pacific northwest weather is a lovely, lovely thing.) The call for participation is open, and if you want to submit a talk, you must do so by February 5th. There’s a Ruby track this year, just like last year. Check out all the details. And then read the requirements & suggestions.

And… if you seriously wanna give a talk, get off your butt and start working on your concepts now, and set an alarm in your calendar (trust me, I speak from experience).

As many of you may know, I gave 3 talks at OSCON last year—JavaScript Bootcamp, When Interface Design Attacks! and User Experience, Pain-Free. It’s a blast. It’s also a lot of work with a tincture of anxiety mixed in, but still a blast. And, in my opinion, if you can make it at OSCON, you can make it anywhere.

I will be submitting 2-3 talks again this year, and who knows how many will get accepted. Either way, though, I will be there—because this year I also will be serving on the program committee… so you better make your talks good 🙂

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  1. Opra Win says:

    Life sucks, or its just ones stupid idea?

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