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What To Do When AllThis Steals Your Photo & Bio

There’s a terrible new web site out there engaging in, at best, copyright infringement, and at worse, fraud. It’s called AllThis. If AllThis targets you, they will: steal your photo & bio off Twitter slap it on an AllThis page, to make it look as if you endorse their system put up a big yellow […]

South Asian? Know South Asians? Help save my friend this Thanksgiving!

Hi, there. I originally intended to avoid a Thanksgiving post. Why? Everybody does it. It gets spammy. It’s a little rude and a lot cliché. But then I realized something important: If I had to choose between pissing people off, and NOT getting this message out, I’ll pick the message all the damn day long. […] No related posts.

Follow the Money

You shouldn’t feel comfortable with your meager little dreams. You should do a startup. You should chase the hockey stick. You should go viral. You should quit your job and work 90 hour weeks. You should be prepared to have everyone think you’re crazy. You should feel a manic, blind-eyed devotion to your Great Idea. […]

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Test page!

Here’s a test page I am publishing on a time thingy

Two easy-to-digest productivity essays

Hello there, Slash7 readers! As you know — as I’ve told you several times — I’m slowly moving away from Slash7 being my bloggy home on the intartubes. Naturally, you probably figured it’d never happen, since I had so many false starts. Well… it is happening. Over the past week, I’ve posted two essays on […]

The iPad, and the Staggering Work of Obviousness

On Thursday, I set my iPad up for the first time with the fold-out case and Bluetooth keyboard. And I got walloped but good by Nostalgia. Nostalgia that was chunky and green. The heartbreaking fate of the lovable Newton is exemplar of everything that is wrong at an Apple without Steve Jobs, and why a […]

Don’t listen to Le Corbusier—or Jakob Nielsen

Cheerful software, above all, honors the truth about humanity: Humans are not rational beings. A human is a walking sack of squishy meat and liquids, awash in chemicals. We laugh. We cry. Sometimes we laugh while crying. We love, and hate, and dream about tomorrow while paying no attention to today. We do ridiculous things […]

I’m proud to be Unicorn-Free

Who doesn’t love a unicorn?

Unicorns are magic. Unicorns eat moonbeams and shit rainbows. Unicorns are ice cream and bacon, all rolled into one.

Mmmm, bacon ice cream.

Unicorns: like Santa Claus, with hooves

There’s just one catch: Unicorns don’t exist.

And, honestly, they’re not that exciting.

A beautiful horse with magical properties? Oh god! Stop the presses! Such wonder! […]

Your Questions: Amy, how do you learn?

Ang writes: My question for you is, what sort of process did you use to _learn_, whether it’s coding chops or design chops… Did you typically do it on-the-job, or were they usually after hours experimentation / courses / books / mentors? How did you find the resources to support learning, etc? I’m asking because […]

Your Questions: Amy’s UI Workflow

Aaand… we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! Sorry for the delay. I am still working out how to keep my grubby mitts on all the balls I’m trying to juggle at once. It doesn’t help that some of those balls are actually swords, doused in gasoline, and lit on fire. Javier Vázquez from Switzerland […]

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