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Confessions of a (reformed) whiner

Hey guys! This is a guest post by 30×500 alum Ryan Castillo, author of 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers and reformed procrastinator. Hi. My name is Ryan and I am a whiner. Or at least I used to be, but we’ll get to that in a minute. For the past three years I’ve failed… Read more »

The 3-part 30×500 Taste Test

OK, dudes and dudettes… t-minus 6.5 hours and counting til we close registration on the 30×500 Academy. Time to break out that neglected browser tab you set aside for later and choose, no… or yes. To help you decide, if you’re the type who likes to try before you buy… we got you covered. With… Read more »

The Ebomb Recipe That Works (free lesson)

The internet is full of hand-wavy advice. Not even bad advice, necessarily, but vague. The kind of advice that makes perfect sense in the moment, that makes you FEEL good, but then when you sit down to actually try it yourself… Pffft! Nothing comes out. How do you actually do it? You don’t know. They… Read more »

How your “Fuck This!” moment changes everything

“I’m going to write a book.” “I’m going to build a SaaS app.” “I’m going to quit my job and travel the world.” Sound familiar? How often are these statements followed by action — real action? We all know That Guy. We all know people who spend all their time talking about what they want,… Read more »

Destroying Apple’s Legacy

Jony Ive has produced some of the best industrial design in the history of consumer products. He’s done it by cutting out all the extraneous crap, smoothing and streamlining. But what works beautifully for hardware does not work for software. That’s the kind of skeuomorphism that truly needs to die. Design is not just what […]

Why women entrepreneurs fail.

I’m about to break one of my very own rules: Don’t write for women. I’m a woman. I write about business. Why not write about business for women? Because I write for people, and women are people. Because business doesn’t care what you’re packing in your panties. At least, not the kind I write about,… Read more »

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