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BaconBizConf — Philadelphia, May 30 & 31

I mentioned in my last big post, 30×500 Is Dead – Long Live 30×500! that we would be putting on a smaller, redesigned, rethought bootstrapping product conf in Philadelphia on May 30/31. WELL, GUESS WHAT? Tickets are ON SALE NOW! Woot! There are 45 26 16 10 tickets left! YES. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! We are […]

Learn All About Launches in My Online Roundtable

What do bootstrappers really need? What’s stopping you from building, launching, selling? Or from squeezing more out of the products you’ve got? Not facts. Not figures. Not how-to’s. Oh, sure, you could always use more how-to’s and more stats. But that’s not what you’re really starving for. That’s not what’s stopping you. That’s not why […]

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