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Apple Posts Rails Tutorial

Well, I wasn’t expecting Apple Computer, Inc., to get in on the act, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that they have. Ruby on Rails and OS X are, after all, two great tastes that taste great together. It appears that that the Rails community drives enough folks towards Macs that it’s on their radar. (Demo […]

Chattering at Canada on Rails

Somehow I forgot to mention that I will be at Canada on Rails this April 13th through 14th. D’oh. How it could slip my mind, I can’t fathom… I blame the drugs! I’m giving an introductory talk on Ajax in Ruby on Rails, and I hope to see you there. Even if my topic’s not […]

RailsConf in Chicago This June

Tickets are going fast for the first official RailsConf, which runs June 22nd through 25th in Chicago. They already have some amazing keynote speakers lined up. If you plan to go, you better hurry! I submitted two proposals for talks, and at this point, of course, I can’t say whether either will be accepted. But […]

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