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Oh yeah, there’s a sugar pill for that.

Everybody knows about The Placebo Effect™. That’s what happens when you think you’re taking a medicine that will help you, and it does help you—but it turns out that it was a sugar pill, not a medicine at all. It was discovered by a clever, desperate nurse during World War II. She was running out […]

It’s Time to Redesign the Sales Page, Part 1

Before the Redesign So you’ve got this product. So I’ve got this product. It’s totally unique, the only entry in its field, and everybody knows it. It’s a rookie entry into an extremely crowded (if not particularly well-differentiated) field. Almost nobody knows it exists. It’s a time tracking application, and it’s called Freckle Time Tracking. […]

The Fine Art of Opportunism

No, this is not the start of a post where I point and cackle evilly as I explain how the whole “training course” thing was a sham calculated to help me harvest and sell your email addresses to spammers in Katmandu. But, you know how I keep dancing around this whole “it’s not about PROBLEMS” […]

Sept 12th in DC: JavaScript Master Class!

First things first: Thanks for your input, folks. You’ve helped us shape the class… and by expressing interest (however tentative), you helped me feel brave enough to do it. 🙂 JavaScript is White Hot, with Few Experts JavaScript has been the up & coming language for the past 3 years, even more so than Ruby. […]

Screw Interface Patterns

Allow me to begin by saying that this is an opinion piece. I’m not doing research into the matter, but rather boiling down trends—the good and bad—as I see ’em. And they’re mostly bad. Otherwise it’d be boring. A Pattern Language Pattern obsession has come to user interface design by way of software architecture, by […]

JavaScript Performance Rocks UPDATE!

Just a quick note for those of you who have bought our JavaScript Performance Rocks! ebook & DOM Monster package: Check your inboxes! You should have received an email with a pre-final copy of the book. It’s pretty much content-complete — but still has a few editor’s notes, and needs a couple minor updates (to […]

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