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FYI: Slash7 is becoming Amy Hoy Planet ;)

Hello, incredibly intelligent and long-suffering readers! You may have noticed that there are a few posts lately that A) have comments turned off, and B) go to another site if you click on ’em. That’s because those posts are being syndicated from my other blogs. I’ve set it up so that you, incredibly intelligent and […]


My internet friend Bess, illustrator extraordinaire, wrote a challenge on her blog for manifestos. How could I resist? This is not a whole lot of fun to read, but the content is all there. If you want to know what makes me tick in business, read on. What do you hope to achieve through your […]

On WordPress, pardon my dust

Yeah, it’s been a long time since Slash7 looked this fugly. Theme conversion’s got some kinks. Which is OK, because I planned to redo the site design anyway. But I will fix the headings and stuff before spending time on the new design. Til then, though, I’d be much obliged if you could ignore the […]

The Fine Art of Opportunism

No, this is not the start of a post where I point and cackle evilly as I explain how the whole “training course” thing was a sham calculated to help me harvest and sell your email addresses to spammers in Katmandu. But, you know how I keep dancing around this whole “it’s not about PROBLEMS” […]

JavaScript Performance Rocks UPDATE!

Just a quick note for those of you who have bought our JavaScript Performance Rocks! ebook & DOM Monster package: Check your inboxes! You should have received an email with a pre-final copy of the book. It’s pretty much content-complete — but still has a few editor’s notes, and needs a couple minor updates (to […]

JS-Fu in DC/Philly & Surrounding?

Thomas & I are planning our fall trip to the US. We were going to speak at the Ajax Experience, but… let’s just say that’s a story for another day. We want to offer a 1-day JS master class, one in DC and one in Philly, in early September. And here’s where I could use […]

Scripty2: Scriptaculous 2.0 Alpha is Out

This one’s a quickie: Thomas, with a little help from his friends, has put out the first alpha for Scripty2 (aka Scriptaculous 2.0). While there are lots of things missing (autocompleter, etc.), it’s pretty damn stable. That’s what we’ve been using for Twistori, the various Zeitgeists, and of course, Freckle time tracking. Thomas has written […]

In Memoriam: George Carlin, 7 Words You *Can* Say on Twitter

Hate cuss words? Avert thine eyes! (What are you doing reading this blog, though, I’d be interested to know. Oh right. You already looked away. I’m just holding a conversation with myself. Ladeeda… George Carlin is one of my heroes: hilarious, self-deprecating, edgy without being bitter, envelope-pushing without resorting to valueless shock, remarkably poetic, a […]

What I’m reading this weekend

I almost never link blog, but these tabs have been sitting open in my browser for ages because I thought they were truly worth sharing: The art of Up I haven’t seen Up yet, what with the whole Being In Austria thing and whatnot, but this post from one of the principal artists, Lou Romano, […]

Slight delay

Sorry, kids. I came down with an infection of the lining of the intestine (oh BOY!) and it’s really slowed me down. In fact, I think it was pretty much my body telling me to slow the fuck down. JavaScript Performance Rocks! v1 is coming this week for sure, so you can still get it […]

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