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The responsibility to give back: Our charitable giving in 2014

The way I see it, some people are meant to do charitable work. And it’s up to the rest of us to ensure they have what they need. That’s what I wrote last year, and I believe it more than ever. To that end — cuz anonymous donations are bullshit — here’s a breakdown of… Read more »

How to create a USEFUL feedback loop after launch

With Just Fucking Ship, well, just fucking shipped, Amy and I have been focused on two main things: 1) Amy is finishing up the first pass of editing so we can send our customers a FINISHED copy of the book. As I write this email, she’s putting the last chapter through it’s paces! 2) I’m diligently… Read more

I’m about to JFS a price increase

Hello there! Just tuning in? I wrote the first version of a book in 24 hours, shipped it, and made $7,248 in sales so far in under 2 weeks. To catch up, read my recent 1-week later update. Just Fucking Ship, my 24-hour book, is getting verrrry close to its final version. OMG my life… Read more

24-hour book, 1 week later — sales, time, next steps

OKAY LET’S REVIEW: Last week… Monday, 12:45pm — I decide to join my friend Nathan in his 24-hour product challenge. Started with a blog post, where I journaled my process/experience Next 24 hours: I put in some solid hours and write the first version of a book! While taking breaks & getting a full night’s… Read more

I wrote an ebook in 24 hours. Now what?

On Monday, on a whim — with about 30 minutes’ notice — I joined my friend Nathan in his 24 Hour Product Challenge. (Want to read my own personal blow by blow? Here’s my diary from the day.) Result: Success! I wrote & launched v1 of an ebook in 24 hours and 15 minutes. (Calendar… Read more »

24-Hour Product Challenge

Cuz who doesn’t love a challenge? I’m taking part in Nathan Barry’s 24-Hour Product Challenge. I’m committing to shipping a small product by 12 noon tomorrow. What product? Easy. As I wrote to Nathan for his updates: I’m committing to JFS my long-planned Just Fing Ship, a short ebook that focuses on the joy of… Read more »

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