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Doing the Work, with lessons from Magnum PI

Introductory interface talks are boring. More importantly, by neccessity, they are the same old content recycled. And recycled uselessly, to no end. Because if the audience members were interested in interface design, they would already know the content of the talk. Or, to put it another way, if they didn’t already know the content of […]

Jelly! Talk Excerpt 1: My Crusade, Twistori, & Elemental Design

This is the first in a series of 2 or 3 posts for the transcript of my Jelly! talk from SXSW. Jelly! talks are put on by Yahoo! and Jelly!, the casual coworking movement. This one was held in the lovely Austin coworking space of Conjunctured. Here’s a link to the video. My name is […]

Going to SXSW?

Or thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about thinking about checking out the MP3s and slide stacks from the presentations after the shindig is over? Then… vote for meeeee. Ooh, ooh, pick me! I’m pitching a panel—the prepared kind, not the “let’s get 5 people together and yak […]

OSCON 2007 Round-up

I had a blast at this year’s OSCON and FOSCON. I got out more and met tons of wonderful people. It seems like more Ruby folks were in attendance than last year, too. I think, though, on the balance, I’d rather not keep doing 3 talks every time I go. But maybe that’s just me […]

Rubber, Meet Road RailsConf Talk

Wow, what a week. I just got back from Portland, where I hung out with tons of great Ruby folks, said and did lots of potentially embarrassing things, and gave a talk on designers and developers, working together. (“You got designer in my developer!” “You got developer in my designer!”) Downloads Grab the goods: Slide […]

OSCON 2006 Interface / UXP Presentations

I have two presentations at OSCON last Thursday, and as usual, I promised to post the slides. A little delayed, perhaps, but here they are. I recommend them in the order I list ’em… although there’s no audio to accompany it, you can still probably glean some good infos!

Javascript Boot Camp Tutorial

On Monday I gave a 3-hour tutorial first thing in the morning, here at O’Reilly OSCON 2006 in Portland. From the description: Even though AJAX wouldn’t ever have become so popular if the Javascript world hadn’t suddenly exploded with mature development and testing tools, there’s little information on how to be a really good Javascript […]

RailsConf 2006 Talk & Notes

Phew! RailsConf is over. It was awesome and exhausting—from the late nights in the crummy hotel “bar” and agonizing over lackluster wireless, to the random accordian music, hilarious jokes, and pick-up games of Mario Kart DS. I met so many great people I can’t even keep them straight in my memory. If we talked at […]

Teaching Rails for Charity in D.C.

Getting tech to kids is something close to my heart (as is getting books to people). Part of it’s because I’m grateful that I lucked out and had access to the things that made my current life and career possible. Without the house fire we had in 1993, and subsequent insurance payout, I wouldn’t have […]

Canada on Rails

So much to write about, so little energy! More fanfare later, but for now: Getting Started with AJAX on Rails (PDF, 290K) My Flickr stream Canada on Rails Flickr photo group And, for your possible enjoyment, some quick non-talk notes I made that look kind of amusing out of context. I’ll expand on these later. […]

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