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In the hustle and bustle, somehow I forgot to mention: I’m at SXSW. Are you here too? Let’s say hi! Look for the girl with the yellow-blue-green hair (yeah, it’s a gradient) or hit me up on twitter and I’ll friend you and we can figure something out. Update So I have realized that the […]


Is this thing on? tap tap

Juice your creative orange with visual thinking

In the screencast I did with Miles, we ended up talking quite a bit about how I approach the development and brainstorming process when I’m working on a new project. People seemed intrigued by the topic of conversation, so I’ve been preparing a longer treatise on the subject. In short: pen and paper is your […]

Color links snacktastic

Still chipping away at the ol’ book. Argh. Argh. Did I mention argh? ARGH! Here are some tasty links to tide you over: Choosing color combinations from Veerle. It’s not nearly as exhaustive as I’d like, but color n00bs will find it very useful. Amazing animated personifications of color – sounds whacky, I know, but […]

Close-to-home example of good pimpin’

Speaking of pimpin’… Haml is a good example of a well-pimped product. You may not agree with their premise or execution, but doesn’t that site make you want to try it anyway? It’s also a great example of how good pimpin’ doesn’t necessarily require a flash design. (And by flash I mean “shiny” not, you […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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