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Lying in business

Sex, money, health — those are the three skeeviest industries in the world. I operate in one of them. Our class 30×500 is, broadly speaking, a Make Money Online product. Our business “neighbors” fascinate me. Last week, I spent several hours devouring a 40-page forum thread about one of our (putative) competitors. Every single person,… Read more »


I spent my birthday crying. I woke up, with my husband whom I love, in a beautiful hotel room, in the spectacularly lovely Colonial Williamsburg. But I couldn’t summon up the energy to enjoy it, and that was the last straw. Probably half of my misery could be chalked up to the hotel bed —… Read more »

Be Your Own Angel – a revenue model for slow startups

Yes, recurring revenue grows sloooooowly. How do you, founder of a baby bootstrapping biz, survive the lean year or two before it can pay all your bills? Well, I have a strategy. I call it Be Your Own Angel. Last week, I gave a talk about it — in greater detail than ever before! —… Read more »

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