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The Migratory Loon *update*

Hey folks, I’ve just moved from my dear friend Davey’s colocated box, to a shiny new Planet Argon hosting account. This means that: Davey will no longer have to tolerate my complaining I will no longer have to complain to somebody who is hosting me purely out of the goodness of his own hearts […]

RJS Demystified With Pretty Colors!

I probably should have spent the time today to fix the slash7 template, but my heart wasn’t in it. My heart was, on the other hand, in this: That’s a screenshot of the second page of my first-ever multi-page cheat sheet, RJS Demystified. RJS Demystified is actually an entire 3 pages long, all in achingly […]


Thank you so much for donating to Slash7. Needless to say, I appreciate it. And thank you on behalf of my other and future readers for helping keep all these goodies free for them, as well. Keep on truckin!

Saturday Post? Well, Maybe Not

So I didn’t finish what I thought I’d finish today, owing to the fact that some of my friends came over to visit me. Yay! But here’s a little teaser: Hold tight. It’ll be comin’ tomorrow.

Support Slash7

Hey there! Did you find something you liked? Did something really help you? Do you feel the overwhelming urge to throw dollar bills at me? You’ve come to the right place! After some discussions with a few long-term readers and friends, I’ve decided that there’s not really any shame in creating a “tip jar,” considering […]

Converting to Mephisto – Almost Done

Dear readers, As you can see, Slash7 is almost back to its former beautiful glory. Once I write some custom liquid plugins for Mephisto to handle the rest of the sidebar, and customize some section templates, it’ll be all the way better… and perhaps even better than before. So you wanna be a convert… If […]

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