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That’s not a rabbit hole, it’s your navel

I adore and exalt Webstock and the Webstock organizers. If I were a girl conference, and they were a boy conference, I would marry them. Just today I clicked through the Webstock site to see if my talk video was up yet — because I am vain — and found this little gem of a quote […]

Shameless Self-Promotion, Beautiful Unique Snowflakes, & Extra Nose Syndrome

Popular opinion among smart, skilled, hard-working people seems to go something like this: Something is wrong with a society/world that values and rewards outgoing people, who talk up their strengths, over good or even great people who do not. Ah, self-promotion. Is there any other skill in the world of which smart, skilled, hard-working people […]

My 7 Principles of Shipping

So! Two days ago, Alex and I launched our Get Off Your Butt And Launch Your First Paying Product online course! If you were one of the 546 brilliant and thrify people on my Advance Discount List, you would have received a hefty ($100) discount by now, right to your inbox. If you didn’t, well, […]

Hyphenated People’s Usability Prix Fixe

Hello, friends. We’re your usability consultants. Is your web app tired? Run down? Listless? Does it poop out at diggings? Is it unpopular on The answer to all of your problems is in this little bottle consulting package. Hyphenated People Prix Fixe. Yes, Hyphenated People Prix Fixe contains vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals and […]

On being meta.

Be meta. Try to become a meta designer, or meta whatever area you are in. What being meta means is to look not just at the details of what you are doing, be it design or business or whatever, but take the big picture view, the ‘meta’ view, and see how every action you take […]

Introducing ColorWars

You’ve probably heard of Ze Frank (if not, shame on you!). If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably heard of ColorWars, a sort of Twitter-based prank-experiment created by Ze Frank. You probably found out about ColorWars the same way I did: logging into Twitter one afternoon and going “Holy crap! What the hell is all this… […]

Alex Hillman is better than me.

I met Alex last year at SXSW, almost by accident. My friend Gary Vaynerchuk wanted me to meet a friend of his, Tara Hunt. Alex was there with Tara and we ended up chatting—I had to ask him about those awesome tattoos. And then, when he announced he needed tea & honey for his ravaged […]

Meet My Coworkers in Dublin

There’s some more Rails content coming, I promise, but I’ve been absolutely beat. However, I’m going to take a moment or two of your time and pimp my good friends and coworkers’ talks in the lovely Dublin, Ireland (where I wish I was going!). Well, actually, two coworkers and one boss. Or… well, I can’t […]

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

I’ve been working my tail off at work so we can ship the new version of our flagship product. I really cut my teeth on advanced Javascript with this project which began several months ago. I’ve stretched my CSS abilities, too. And I’ve spent more time debugging than in any other point in my life. […]

Podcast & Book

This post is all about the shameless self-promotion, so be warned! Podcast Yesterday I had the honor of being podcast-interviewed by Geoffrey Grosenbach of TopFunky and Ruby on Rails Podcast fame. You can download it, as well as other recent podcasty goodness, here (temporary URL… they’re waiting on DNS changes to go through). It’s nearly […]

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