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This portends of interesting things.

A couple days ago, my friend Courtenay was able to accurately utter the lovely clichéd phrase “you heard it here first” in a certain online community of which I am a part. Heard what here first? This: Webkit’s getting off-line storage. And it’s accessible through SQL. Say what? It’s true. Apparently (or presumably) powered by […]

Why does email suck so much?

And every little email I wrote was like a special little letter, like I was getting a little hug from somebody, and I was returning it with a little hug. A dozen people in a little network, an international network of hugs. And it felt so awesome. — Merlin Mann (of 43Folders fame), Inbox Zero […]

Reductio ad Absurdum

Owning an expensive camera does not a photographer make. Knowing how to annotate music does not a composer make. Having a fancy journal does not a writer make. Being good at CSS does not a designer make (nor does CSS make anything beautiful). Being able to write HTML does not a user interface expert make […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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