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Random self-righteous quoting

Self-righteous quoting. That is: I’m being self-righteous, not the person I’m quoting. “I think the most challenging aspect,” she says, of becoming the first woman to be made music director of a major U.S. symphony orchestra, “is people’s need to focus on the fact that I’m a woman.“It’s really entirely irrelevant to what I do.”—For […]

The beauty of letterpress

And the joy of craft. The nicest thing as anyone’s ever said about my work is ‘It’s always so suitable to the purpose.’ Yes, make it attractive, but make it be what the text needs it to be. Whereas in the wild and wooly world of computer typography, there are no rules. The old guys […]

Introducing Hyphenated People

Sort of. Again. But now we have a web site that looks like this: You should go there and click around, though, if you need a chuckle… catch my drift? (winknudge*) I can has training? Lolcats may be on the way out but quality training never is! Or so I tell myself. Speaking of quality […]

$49 Mac super bundle, charity

My friend Davey sent me an IM today about a thing (company? event?) called MacHeist. I’m sure he’s mentioned them before but honestly, I didn’t really pay attention… I’ve been way too busy to keep up on cool shareware lately. But this time around, I took notice because MacHeist is currently selling a $49 “super […]

Saturday Post? Well, Maybe Not

So I didn’t finish what I thought I’d finish today, owing to the fact that some of my friends came over to visit me. Yay! But here’s a little teaser: Hold tight. It’ll be comin’ tomorrow.

Interested in learning to write better?

Hey Kids, It’s Democratic Blog Time™! I’m going through old posts that I started but never finished, or notes I made to myself to write about later, etc. The first one I’m thinking of tackling is an article about why most tech writing sucks and how to write better (a guide for geeks specifically). The […]

Workshop for Good Thoughts

It’s been just over 4 weeks since Workshop for Good was wrapped up. I started to write a post about it at the time, but I just never got to finishing it. So here, with the added perspective of a month, is what I think and thought about Workshop for Good. Written the day afterwards: […]

Random Fulfillment of Lifelong Dreams

Well, I never have put up the tip jar I’ve been thinking about, because somehow it just seems a little low. But, I’ve always wanted to sell some t-shirts, committing my crazier moments to a lifetime of display on people’s chests; it’s always been a bit of a backburner dream for me. Now that Shopify’s […]

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

I’ve been working my tail off at work so we can ship the new version of our flagship product. I really cut my teeth on advanced Javascript with this project which began several months ago. I’ve stretched my CSS abilities, too. And I’ve spent more time debugging than in any other point in my life. […]

A Not-So-Objective View of Ruby

It’s a sad state of affairs. I’ve been so remiss when it comes to blogging (and anything else that is quasi- but not directly work-related) that someone scooped me on something related to me. Marcel Molina, of 37 Signals (and previously, Ionist), posted this to the Ruby on Rails weblog: The first is an introduction […]

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