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The 24-Hour Book Challenge — A Six Month Update

On December 2nd, I sat down and started writing. 24 hours later, I launched the first (beta) version of my first biz book, Just Fucking Ship. After a couple more weeks of work, I shipped the final(ish) version. Then I put JFS on a shelf for a while in favor of more urgent/demanding things. Now,… Read more »

Be Your Own Angel – a revenue model for slow startups

Yes, recurring revenue grows sloooooowly. How do you, founder of a baby bootstrapping biz, survive the lean year or two before it can pay all your bills? Well, I have a strategy. I call it Be Your Own Angel. Last week, I gave a talk about it — in greater detail than ever before! —… Read more »

From Pain into a Product, a real live coaching session

Five years ago, we launched the very first class that would become 30×500. For the last 3 three years, Alex and I have played the role of heartless gatekeepers: Wanna take 30×500? Great, you have to apply. Not a designer, or a developer? Sorry, friend, but we can’t accept your application at this time. We… Read more »

Infoproduct Show & Tell recording and links

Our Infoproduct Show & Tell was awesome! Turnout was fabulous: 112 people showed up to listen to me & Kelly hold a conversation on a wiiiiide range of infoproduct-related topics. Click here to view the recording (a live, online Flash playback of our chat). Sorry, it’s not 100% complete — I forgot to hit record […]

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