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I’m shipping, and I’m scared about it

You probably haven’t heard about freckle, unless you follow me on twitter. This is because this year is the year that Amy learned that the more she talks about something, the less likely she is to do it. My theory used to be that if I publicly committed myself, the external pressure would help. Turns […]

The pay-off of persistance

The famous Processing guru has put online some “then and now” samples that really demonstrate how he became, well, the famous Processing guru. What a difference!

Great conceptual design in advertising: chasing the "Aha!"

I found a neat little blog called Ad Goodness. It probably won’t find its way thru the labyrinth of qualifiers before it gets into my heavily defended feed reader rotation, but it led me to some nice stuff. I love clever design. Even more than that, I love design that makes *me* feel clever. Some […]

Books aren’t dying either, OK?

Looks like it’s that time again! I’ve found another article that’s annoyingly devoid of green, leafy facts but full of sweet, specious seasoning. Reasoning. I mean reasoning. How’s this one start off? [Charles Petzold:] People are probably reading and writing more than ever, but a lot of this reading and writing is online. Consequently, book […]

Greatness, analyzed through love songs

Hey kids, it’s poetry explication time! Give me five double-spaced pages on Robert Frost’s “Nature’s First Green is Gold” by Friday or your grade is toast and your parents will disown you, you’ll never hold a good job, and you’ll die destitute and alone. Just kidding. I hated dissecting poetry in school, but loved the […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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