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The Problem with the Startup Craze… by Steve Jobs

Below is a quote from an essay by Steve Jobs When I got started I was 20 or 21, and my role models were the semiconductor guys like Robert Noyce and Andy Grove of Intel, and of course Bill Hewlett and David Packard. They were out not so much to make money as to change […]

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Business Book Bonanza: Growing My Biz

one of 5 bookcases in our Vienna apartment There’s only one thing more powerful than a book, and that’s a real life expert mentor. But you can’t order a second-hand mentor with second-day shipping from Amazon for the cost of a grande mochachino. Mentors also don’t take kindly to dogearing. And if you devour a […]

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When You Do What You Love & Are Still Miserable

You are not alone. Right now I’m living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the weather is beautiful, and I look outside (over our attractive park) and feel nothing about it but, “Meh.” I know I should try to enjoy it before we leave — for 2.5 months — but […]

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Will Internet Fame Help You Sell Shit?

Why, hello there. Do you plan to subscribe to Unicorn Free? If so, you might be the one that tips me over the ginormously important 2,000 subscriber mark. I’m so excited to crest that magical number. Soon I will be awash in riches and cabana boys! Because it’s nothing at all to sell shit when […]

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Raising the Price: Not a Single Customer Lost

I love reader mail, because so often the emails I receive are awesome stories like this one from Ben of the Boyne City Gazette : Hi Amy, I read your column about the necessity of raising prices if your product is undervalued and it motivated me and my business partner to grow the balls necessary […]

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