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Be Your Own Angel – a revenue model for slow startups

Yes, recurring revenue grows sloooooowly. How do you, founder of a baby bootstrapping biz, survive the lean year or two before it can pay all your bills? Well, I have a strategy. I call it Be Your Own Angel. Last week, I gave a talk about it — in greater detail than ever before! —… Read more »

Why We Shut Down Charm on the Eve of Public Launch, at $48k/Year and Growing

This is part of my 4-year bootstrapping retrospective. Part 1: Why Bootstrapping Was The Only Logical Choice. A couple months ago, I found something I wrote accidentally on Hacker News. Having vitriol spewed at me. (Surprise! Some might say those two phrases are redundant! Why? My husband and I had shut down our second SaaS […]

Preach It, George Bernard

I object to publishers: the one service they have done me is to teach me to do without them. They combine commercial rascality with artistic touchiness and pettiness, without being either good businessmen or fine judges of literature. All that is necessary in the production of a book is an author and a bookseller, without […]

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Join Our Free Infoproduct Show & Tell

Infoproducts! Are! Awesome! You know I already think so, which is why I’ve written about what infoproducts are, how to sell them, the reason they’re awesome for the future of, well, everyone, and of course, the math behind slowly freeing yourself from freelancing… all through the transformative beauty of the infoproduct. But you know what […]

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Running the Numbers: Your First Infoproduct

If you’re a freelancer, doing creative-y things, then it won’t take but a small push to get you from No Products zomg! to Hey I Gots a Product. Let’s look at the numbers for Your First Infoproduct. First up: Your Freelance Income Say you typically charge $75/hr. Your rate may be higher or lower; adjust […]

Developers, Designers: Make an Infoproduct

A few days ago, I got all inspired by an idea and immediately decided to tweet it for quick & dirty market research – Would anyone be interested in a course on how to make & sell infoproducts? The answer kinda blew my mind: @amyhoy: What’s an info product? This. We cannot have this. Grab […]

How to Sell Your Digital Goods

Working on your first digital good for sale? Or just thinking about it? Don’t let the technical details of “how to actually sell the damn thing” keep you from making it — or shipping it. In this one little blog post, I’m gonna fill you in on aaaaaall the digital goods dirt — so you […]

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