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Freebie for designing forms in Photoshop

I design forms in Photoshop for all sorts of reasons, but drag & drop is number one. Avoiding code until I’m ready is number two. The harder something is to change, the less likely you are to change it. So when I’m still in the design process, I keep it fast & loose. (That’s part […]

Rubber, Meet Road RailsConf Talk

Wow, what a week. I just got back from Portland, where I hung out with tons of great Ruby folks, said and did lots of potentially embarrassing things, and gave a talk on designers and developers, working together. (“You got designer in my developer!” “You got developer in my designer!”) Downloads Grab the goods: Slide […]

Stuff You Can Download

Hey there, pardner. I’ve posted a lot of goodies that you might want to download, mostly cheat sheets and slide stacks from my various talks I’ve given. This section will soon be more dynamic, and definitely purtier, when I can sneak in some template work into my incredible amounts of free time. I also have […]

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