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love & hate: from knuckle tattoos to the internet’s emotional pulse with Twistori

This is one side of the story of twistori. I will tell the other later. Anyone who knows me knows about my rants. I like to rant. I rant about a lot of things, and always have—but as the years have accumulated in me and changed me, so have the topics of my rants shifted […]

Interested in git?

I—like so many others in the Rails-o-sphere—am getting interested in git (a new-fangled source control system). I’m a late adopter in this case, at least by some people’s standards. Because “some people,” in the Rails community, means the guys who went and created the git repository service github. So on the one hand, Chris, Tom […]

Designing for Humans

The below article should appear in the July issue of the UK internet mag, .net (unrelated to the Microsoft framework, ewww). Since I know few of you will have access to the issue, I thought I’d post it here, too. But in case you are so geographically inclined, it never hurts to support a decent […]

Just ship. Seriously.

Participating in ColorWars has been a really cool experience. It’s taught me a lot. But the #1 thing I would say is it’s taught me to JUST SHIP, YOU FUCKING IDIOT. (And by YOU FUCKING IDIOT, I mean me, not you. You are not a fucking idiot. You are my reader! And clearly you are […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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