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Make your customers beg you to charge more

In Part 1, you learned how to avoid your customers’ ire — and raise your prices the easy way. In Part 2, I told the story of how I raised prices for our existing customers… and convinced them to choose to pay more. Now it’s your turn. Here’s how… First, remember why customers get furious… Read more »

How I raised prices… by customer request

In startup years, I’m a granny. A SaaS granny. We launched our app, Freckle Time Tracking, waaaaaaay back in 2008. That’s 41 in Startup Years. Yeah. Old. Way back then, our plans went $12, $24, $48. So young, so naïve, so cheap! Those are not our prices any more. We’ve raised them many times since… Read more »

Picture perfect.

Behold, The Most Interesting Cat in the World, our ginger Haskell: Isn’t he MAJESTIC? So handsome, so regal, so in command. You can see it. Here’s what you don’t see: me, on my knees wrestling with a wriggly fur tube trying to get the sweater on the approximately 20 times I picked him up and… Read more »

One weird trick to raising your monthly price without a customer revolt

YOUR FRIEND, ALOUD “OMG did you hear the news? SomeStartup has dramatically increased their prices and their customers are in active revolt.” YOU, THINKING Oh no. I wanted to raise my prices… but my skin is soft and vulnerable to torches and pitchforks so I guess I will just… you know… tootle along at this… Read more »

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking