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An article on tech writing

I finally wrapped up part one of that series I’ve been promising. Finally. It’s long in coming and, well, it’s just really long. This article is the first of a three-part series on tech writing that has been knockin’ around in my brain for some time. I hope you like it. On with the show… […]

How Tech Writing Sucks: The Five Sins

Previously, I’ve established that the reason Alex Bunardzic likes my writing doesn’t have anything to do with my gender. The real question, then, that Alex meant to ask is: “Why does so much tech writing suck? And why does some writing suck less?” They are genitalia-indifferent, these questions, and well they should be. I will […]

Stuff You Can Download

Hey there, pardner. I’ve posted a lot of goodies that you might want to download, mostly cheat sheets and slide stacks from my various talks I’ve given. This section will soon be more dynamic, and definitely purtier, when I can sneak in some template work into my incredible amounts of free time. I also have […]

Interview With Marcel Molina of 37Signals

It’s about that time again—time for another Slash7 interview, that is. My previous interview with Tobi Luetke was a great success, and many of you expressed an interest in further interviews. I hadn’t forgotten that, but it has been on the shelf. Until now, anyway. This time my interviewee is Marcel Molina, of 37signals, formerly […]

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