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10 things I learned from screwing up my first ebook launch

… The Short Version. I promised short, and dammit, I’m gonna deliver. Very Brief Backstory JavaScript Performance Rocks! is my first ebook, written by me and my husband, Mr. Scriptaculous (legal alias: Thomas Fuchs). We launched the beta at the end of January, and the final version is going to drop in the next few […]

MacUpdate Promo Bundle with Multiplex

Have I mentioned Twistori Desktop on here yet? I don’t think I have. Well, consider it mentioned: Twistori Desktop is a not-quite-1.0 app for you to have your very own Twistori on your (you guessed it) personal Mac. That means custom word clusters, with themes, live search, and other goodies. It’s not at 1.0 yet […]

Design: Ease of Control, or Challenge of Relationship?

You’ll have to forgive me, cuz I’m trying hard to find a way to wrap my head around a concept in my head so I can express it. The test everything trend in design bothers me. Or to make every decision based on the numbers. Or to focus on problem-solving. Or patterns. I’m trying to […]

Slight delay

Sorry, kids. I came down with an infection of the lining of the intestine (oh BOY!) and it’s really slowed me down. In fact, I think it was pretty much my body telling me to slow the fuck down. JavaScript Performance Rocks! v1 is coming this week for sure, so you can still get it […]

As in motorcycles, so in design

There probably aren’t many jobs that can be reduced to rule-following and still be done well. But in many jobs there is an attempt to do just this, and the perversity of it may go unnoticed by those who design the work process. Mechanics face something like this problem in the factory service manuals that […]

Last chance to save $5 on JavaScript Performance Rocks

Subtitle: Where the heck has Amy been!? Long and short: I been around, baby! Take 2 months of international travel (including 3 continents), working all the while, 2 conferences, and several biz collaborations. Add moving offices immediately upon return. Add finding, acquiring, and moving to a new apartment a couple weeks after that. Add to […]

App Therapy Packages: Give your app some time on the couch

Hello, friends. We’re your usability consultants. Is your web app tired? Run down? Listless? Does it poop out at diggings? Is it unpopular on The answer to all of your problems is in this little bottle consulting package. App Therapy Prix Fixe. Yes, App Therapy Prix Fixe contains vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals and […]

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