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web|works Web 2.0 Talk

Sorry, everybody, for the delay in putting this up. I know the talk was Thursday and today’s Saturday, but I have a good excuse… I had a helluva time keeping a net connection at the hotel and I’ve been kinda sick. Luckily the worst held off til I was home and had somebody to dote […]

web|works content, part 2

OK, I lied. Turns out the upstream here on the hotel wireless is actually very good, so here we are, well before evening: Quicktime Movie (Large – 640×480) 5.2mb Quicktime Movie (Small – 320×240 2.1mb PDF 5.9mb Quicktime movie usage: Download the file to disk, please, don’t try to run it in your web browser—not […]

web|works content, part 1

Well, I haven’t decided the best way to export my slideshow yet since my pretty diagrams and such somehow resulted in a 40 meg Flash file. Wow. But what I will probably do is one PDF export and a couple of different Quicktime types. So, stay tuned to this location… I’ll post it tonight. In […]

web|works: almost there!

It’s 9:29am and I’m sitting in Rasmus Lerdorf’s keynote in Toronto, and I just finally wrapped up adding a couple new illustrations to my presentation for my first talk, which is supposed to be in 15 minutes. (But everything appears to be running a bit late.) Flying by the seat of my pants? Nahhhh. A […]

pros & cons — tech cons, that is

Well, I’ll be in Toronto next week, speaking about Ajax and UI-for-dum–err, I mean, UI-for-developers at php|works. If you’re around, you should come. Get yer employers to pay for it. And then, come mid-October, I’ll be out at RubyConf. To that end, I set up the RubyConf Social Wiki for hooking up with ride shares, […]

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