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Doing the Work, with lessons from Magnum PI

Introductory interface talks are boring. More importantly, by neccessity, they are the same old content recycled. And recycled uselessly, to no end. Because if the audience members were interested in interface design, they would already know the content of the talk. Or, to put it another way, if they didn’t already know the content of […]

Nearly Sold Out – Berlin JavaScript Master Class

A quick note for our European friends—especially ones who we’ll see at JSConf Europe. Become a JavaScript Master Our one-day JavaScript Master Class is coming to Berlin, November 9, right after JSConf. If you feel like you’ve got some room to improve your JavaScript when it comes to understanding the hardcore-iest parts of the language, […]

24-hour tweet drive to #beatcancer

I’m helping to raise funds to#beatcancer, by blogging, tweetingand posting Facebook statusupdates.Click here to join me! Quick note: This week, Thomas and I helped build this Ruby-driven site. Yep, that’s right, it’s the first drive that earns money by tweets, Facebook status updates, & blog posts. (Hence my post!) It’s legit. I know, because we […]

How to Write Your Sales Page

It’s Time to Redesign The Sales Page! Part 2 (Part 1) So, last time on “It’s Time to Redesign The Sales Page!” we talked about why I decided the Freckle Time Tracking sales page had to be totally redone. Namely: We weren’t proud of the design, so we didn’t promote it We didn’t believe it […]

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