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The 5-part 30×500 Taste Test

The Product Revolution is Coming! Hey there, sexy. As you probably know, I’ve got a launch on right now for the 4th round of my 30×500 Launch Class — aka, the coolest, most bullshit-free, most hilarious, most systematic way ever to start & launch your first product. You also probably know that I’m not just […]

Vaccinate Yourself Against Crappy Customer Feedback

Gosh, sometimes I love the internet so much I want to marry it. If only internet bigamy were legal! (Sorry, honey.) Right now I’m crushin’ on the internet because of Least Helpful, a blog which does nothing more complicated than put together screenshots of terrible reviews, along with some witty one-liners. Very witty one-liners, in […]

My Smart, Generous, Very Attractive Students Teach You Stuff

I’m a little occupied with the launch of the new 30×500 class. In terms of launching the brand spanky new application process, we-eeeell… let’s just say my mouth wrote some checks my butt couldn’t cash. Still working’ on that. (Pssst. If you want to attend, you better get on the list now.) On the upside, […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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