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Kindly update your subscriptions

After a long hard think, I’ve decided that I am going to consolidate all 3 of the old feeds into one feed. The new single feed is a “SmartFeed” from FeedBurner, so it should give you a friendly format no matter which feed reader you use. I’ve set old URLs to redirect for 30 days, […]

CoderPath Screencast with Moi

Guess all that free publicity must be good for something! Miles Forrest of CoderPath and I sat down last weekend and talked for about 3 hours about application design, the process of application invention, and all that good stuff. He trimmed it heavily and turned it into a screencast. Which you can watch here. For […]

OSCON 2007 Call for Papers

Hankerin’ to talk at length about some thing to a bunch of geeks in a fairly interesting city in the dead of hot, hot summer? Join me in Portland in July for OSCON. (Where it’s not actually all that hot—Pacific northwest weather is a lovely, lovely thing.) The call for participation is open, and if […]

Do you use Liquid?

Hey folks, can I get a show of hands for how many of you use the Liquid templating language… and where/for what? (For your app, for another app, like Mephisto or Shopify, etc.)

Poll: Your Worst Design Mistake

OK, it’s time to fess up. I want to hear about your worst design mistake. “Design” in this case can mean visual design, user interface design, product design, code design (software architecture)… basically anything you determined how it’d be made or fit together. I’d like to hear about something that made it to “production,” or […]

Quick note: better archive pages

Hey guys… just got a quick update for ya. The archive / category listing pages have sucked on Slash7 for a long time. Mainly because I was too busy / lazy / annoyed at Liquid to write my own template. Well, I just fixed ‘em up somewhat. They’re not perfect yet; they’ll have excerpts soon. […]

Shameless Self-promotion

This blog really isn’t about me, I know. But I still can’t resist tooting my horn a little, once in a while. I hope it’s not too much of a turn-off. For me… A little web app that I designed made it to Mashable and I just have to brag a teeny tiny bit. I’m […]

Bad Design Case Study: Lush

What better way is there to learn than to look at what you shouldn’t do? Lush isn’t just a nice word for “borderline alcoholic,” it’s the name of a global company. Lush makes its millions selling juicy bath-stuffs, shampoos, lovely soaps, and “bath bombs” which splutter bubbles and foam and tasty smells when dropped into […]

OMG, Prototype Docs!

Prototype users, your days of longing and sexy (and not-so-sexy) nail-biting are over… There’s now an official site. With docs. Yes, docs! Loads of them! Congrats (and a huge thanks!) to all the folks who made it happen.

CoderPath Screencasts

I predict that we’re about to witness the birth of the Rails’ community’s very own “fireside chat.” Entre: CoderPath screencasts. The pitch? Instead of just the screencaster himself speaking, Miles Forrest is interviewing and chatting with others at the same time. Screencast meet interview-style podcast. It’s a sweet idea. (And it doesn’t hurt that they’re […]

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