Close-to-home example of good pimpin’

Speaking of pimpin’… Haml is a good example of a well-pimped product. You may not agree with their premise or execution, but doesn’t that site make you want to try it anyway?

It’s also a great example of how good pimpin’ doesn’t necessarily require a flash design. (And by flash I mean “shiny” not, you know, Macro-Adobe.)


  1. eli sarver says:

    You have to love documentation that uses the phrase "Let’s take that fucker and make it a Haml Haiku!"

  2. Amy says:


    That too, yes.

    I don’t know about you but I <3 me some good old-fashioned authenticity. None of this "we have to appeal to everyone so BREAK OUT THE WHITE WASH AND DEAD RATS!" crap.

    Oh, well, maybe without the dead rats. White wash, definitely.

  3. Nathan Garza says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding. When I first went there, I thought, hmmmm, this can’t be right at all, to plane jane. But after reading I was ready to jump on the band wagon. Real eye opener.

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