You gotta read this site.

And by “this site” I don’t mean Slash7 (although, you reading this site is also nice).

I mean RubyInside. If you had to subscribe to just one Ruby blog[1], it should be this one. Take a visit and you’ll see why.

[1] Speaking of why, why’s blog and RedHanded cannot count as “Ruby blogs” for this imaginary constraint. Why? Because they’re not Ruby, they’re magic.

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  1. Mark Chandler says:

    Why himself is quite the magician. You should check out some of his tricks sometime.

  2. Amy says:

    Mark, I haven’t seen any magic tricks but I did get him to sign my shirt at RailsConf. Instead of just, you know, writing on it, he drew me an entire scene. That was pretty magical 🙂

  3. Chris Patterson says:

    I’m thinking that my emails have gotten caught in a spam filter, so I’m hijacking a comment thread again to point at

    I cleaned up the CSS and markup some, and made a handful of structural changes.

    Tests clean (including side nav) on all the browsers I have at hand.

    Amy, I’ve entered my email in the comment form – so if my emails are going AWOL, maybe you can pull it from there? If you want a hand updating your Mephisto theme or cleaning up the CSS a bit more, just let me know.

    (I know I need to make the time to put something public-facing at my site, but there never seems to be enough time, and personal projects always get short shrift.)

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    Thank you Amy, you are too kind! (Actually you’re not, you’re just the right level of kindness.)

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