The Migratory Loon *update*

Hey folks,

I’ve just moved from my dear friend Davey’s colocated box, to a shiny new Planet Argon hosting account. This means that:

  • Davey will no longer have to tolerate my complaining
  • I will no longer have to complain to somebody who is hosting me purely out of the goodness of his own hearts
  • Slash7 will be faster AND more stable

If you experience any weirdness, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

I have a few great new content pieces for you comin’ up next week. I’ve been saving them for after the move, to simplify things.

Update! I’m making steady (if slow) progress to putting things back the way they were. The tabs at the top work again, mouseovers and all. A big fat “thank you” web-smooch to anyone who can tell me why there remains a light orange bar of color under the tabs on mouse-over. It doesn’t appear to be a padding or background CSS attribute set, and it didn’t happen in the previous (Typo) in carnation of the site.

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  1. cH says:

    Good luck with that, I know 2 instances firsthand (different people that I know that don’t know each other) where their Planet Argon hosting accounts were screwed over by server issues and Planet Argon didn’t have them backed up despite claiming they do.

    Not good. They are good at self promoting within the Rails community, but I wouldn’t trust my grandmothers blog (if she had one) to be hosted by them.

  2. e says:

    Zomg. He has multiple hearts? Zomomomg. I think he’s an alien! OHNOESALIENRUNNNNN!

  3. gbalaji says:


    i am getting error when i click Articles, Goodies and Who? with Rails missing error listed below. Please correct it before going live.

    No template found for error, checked error.liquid. RAILS_ROOT: /var/www/virtual/

    Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/models/site.rb:294:in `find_preferred_template’

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/models/site.rb:275:in `set_content_template’

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/models/site.rb:191:in `render_liquid_for’

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/application.rb:52:in `render_liquid_template_for’

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/application.rb:56:in `show_error’

    {RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers/application.rb:60:in `show_404′


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