Perfection Paralysis & The Joy of Little Posts


So every time I sit down to write a blog entry, I’m questioning the relevancy of what I’m about to write—I want to serve you, my dear readers, and that’s no joke (t-shirt- and coworker-pimping aside).

But I’m about to stop doing it.

I have recently realized that the more I restrain my fun little blather, the less I want to write, period, about any topic. They say the only way to have good ideas is to have lots of ideas, because ideas breed ideas. Apparently the same is true for the desire to write (and coming up with topics).

I’ve also realized I’m not helping anyone if I wait for ages to post any technical content because I want it to be a full-length, magazine-worthy article.

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The problem with feature-length articles is that many topics really don’t have a full article’s worth of content in them, so I don’t write about them at all. And even if the topic does have a full article in it, guilt-driven little person that I am, I think, “Shouldn’t I be putting this nice long article towards my book(s)? Oh, that’s selfish and I promised myself I wouldn’t deprive slash7 of free content in order to get the books out. And yet, it would make my editors happy and I _am_ running a little behind. Hmmm.”

And so, nothing gets done. Except t-shirt pimping and coworker pimping, of course, and important as they are I shudder to think they’ve dominated my front page for as long as they have.

So watch out for short, sweet, useful posts. I have one coming up right now, actually; I just thought it deserved its own title.

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  1. Alison says:

    Glad to see you’re coming back!

  2. There’s a serious shortage of "quirky right-brained ebullient" female programmers in the world.

    I find I produce more when i know it’s appreciated.

    I really enjoy you.

    Now get crackin’ with the free edutainment! 😉

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