Meet My Coworkers in Dublin

There’s some more Rails content coming, I promise, but I’ve been absolutely beat. However, I’m going to take a moment or two of your time and pimp my good friends and coworkers’ talks in the lovely Dublin, Ireland (where I wish I was going!).

Well, actually, two coworkers and one boss. Or… well, I can’t even keep track of people’s job descriptions any more, but Chris Shiflett, Theo Schlossnagle, and Laura Thomson—my esteemed and brilliant colleagues—will all be at ApacheCon Europe this June, giving various tutorials (four between them). If you think I’m an overachiever, you obviously haven’t met these folks.

The sessions are:

  • Advanced Production Troubleshooting Techniques, Theo Schlossnagle
  • Scalable Internet Architectures, Theo Schlossnagle
  • Essential PHP Security, Chris Shiflett
  • PHP and MySQL Best Practices 2.0, Laura Thomson

There are goodies in the mix: If you register for any of these tutorials by June 6, the early bird deadline, you’ll get 3 free books:

  • PHP and MySQL Web Development, by Laura Thomson and her husband Luke
  • Essential PHP Security, by Chris Shiflett
  • HTTP Developer’s Handbook, by Chris Shiflett (a good read for all web developers)

For more information, see this handy dandy flier.

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  1. Damien says:

    Ms Thomson’s PHP book is the best one I’ve read, its really quite wonderful. Having said that, I haven’t tried the SitePoint books, but they have a very high standard to keep up to.

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