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Rails for Designers from Kevin Clark

My good friend Kevin Clark has beaten me at my own game, and published an article called Rails for Designers. It’s a crash course into to Rails for those who will be shaping the looks of Rails apps without necessarily touching the back end at all. Get your designer friends and coworkers in on the […]

Help Limit the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

This post is for my US readers, so for all of you outside our borders, my apologies. You can disregard this (or not, if you’re of that kind of mind). I’m not one to push my political agenda, and certainly not on my blog, but some things just call for it. This issue hits home […]

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

I’ve been working my tail off at work so we can ship the new version of our flagship product. I really cut my teeth on advanced Javascript with this project which began several months ago. I’ve stretched my CSS abilities, too. And I’ve spent more time debugging than in any other point in my life. […]

Oh, that HURT! (Of Migrations, Sessions, and Downtime)

To my most beloved readers, You may have noticed some strange behavior around slash7 this past 24 hours. First, the site was just gone. Then it required a username and password (and the notification listed my email address and AIM account for you to “get credentials”). I’ve never received so much reader mail in one […]

Are Writers Better Women?

Alex Bunardzic is apparently a fan of my writing style. In his post, Are Women Better Writers? he writes: So what is it that I admire so much in Amy’s style, for example? Well, there is this particular kind of bounciness that keeps the proceedings danc[ing] around the subject gracefully. I can’t put it in […]

How Amy Got Her Brain Back

Forgive me for the allusion to a certain vomit-inducing movie that I do not in any way support or condone — it’s just the phrase that popped to mind, and it fits. I don’t usually write about personal stuff here that isn’t related to design or code, but bah! It’s my blog and I’ll navelgaze […]

Newbies: Help Me Help You

A good long while ago, Curt Hibbs (author of the original, famous, Slashdotted Rolling with Rails tutorial for ONLamp—who literally jumpstarted my Rails writing career) commented on one of my blog entries. Somebody was saying my content was only useful for utter noobs, and then the dude pimped someone else’s site for the more “advanced” […]

Back Up

Apparently slash7 was down just about all weekend, and since it was the box and not just the site, infocookie was down as well. So if you tried to email me at <boston_accent>amy aht infocookie daht cahm</boston_accent>, please try again. I missed you guys! That is all.

super-customizing typo: svk & more

I’ve realized that to make Slash7 the site I really want, I’m going to have to do more than just change the theme… I need to customize Typo itself. Luckily, thanks to the structured nature of Rails applications, it couldn’t be easier. It’s not without its own kind of trickiness, though. The bugbears come in […]

upgrading typo to 2.5.6

Well! I upgraded my ooooold (2.0.6) Typo install to the spiffing new 2.5.6. I learned all about rake migrate (which didn’t want to work) and such fun things. And, because of the new theme engine, I’m back to square one, visually speaking. And my other preferences are gone, too. Upgrading your Typo is as easy […]

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