Rails for Designers from Kevin Clark

My good friend Kevin Clark has beaten me at my own game, and published an article called Rails for Designers. It’s a crash course into to Rails for those who will be shaping the looks of Rails apps without necessarily touching the back end at all. Get your designer friends and coworkers in on the act!

Also, here’s a little preview from an article I’m posting later tonight or tomorrow.

Stay tuned to find out WTF that little bugger is!

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  1. Michael says:

    Amy, thanks for the fully qualified image URL 🙂

    Those are awful sharp looking teeth for something with such rosy cheeks…

    We sent you info on the super-secret beta site, did you get it?


  2. random8 says:

    Dude! I’d still really like to see you write an article, because if his article is for designers, it sure doesn’t appeal to their sense of design. No offense intended, but the guy is a coder, not a designer. Like me.

  3. rc says:

    Thanks for the reference, RHTML is kind of a throwback to the old skool ASP pages…which is weird if you have done any ASP.NET. But once you get past that, Rails kicks ass. This is one framework that really does increase productivity.

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