upgrading typo to 2.5.6

Well! I upgraded my ooooold (2.0.6) Typo install to the spiffing new 2.5.6. I learned all about rake migrate (which didn’t want to work) and such fun things. And, because of the new theme engine, I’m back to square one, visually speaking. And my other preferences are gone, too.

Upgrading your Typo is as easy as this:

  • Download the new Typo to a directory on your server (the one where your domain points, ideally)
  • Edit the database.yml file to reflect your current database settings
  • Stop the web server (or just the FCGI process, if you can—but it mustn’t be allowed to respawn)
  • In the new, decompressed Typo directory, run rake migrate
  • If it fails, check your version with rake --version—if it’s 0.6.0, upgrade using gem update rake and wait. And wait. And wait some more, because Rubygems is sluggardly. Then try again.

When rake migrate is working, the results will look like:

Processing 35 articles
Linking article authors to users
Processing 35 articles
Processing 13 categories
Adding GUID to articles

But you’re not quite done:

  • Back up your old Typo directory—I did mv typo typo_bak
  • Rename your new Typo directory from typo-2.5.6 to the same name as your main Typo dir was before
  • Restart your web server/FCGI process

And, behold! Your upgraded Typo installation, complete with utterly vanilla default theme Azure. Le sigh. Well, I have a new design ready and rarin’ to go, I guess I just have to find the time to HTMLize it now.

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  1. Liz says:

    This wouldn’t also happen to work if you want to go from 2.5.6 to the trunk, would it? Cause whatever is going on with the migrations just doesn’t want to work…

  2. topfunky says:

    Just make sure you include a flower in your new layout.

  3. rumred says:

    I almost thought I was here: http://blog.curthibbs.us/

  4. Amy Hoy says:

    rumred, maybe I should have titled the post "design your blog software!" 🙂

    Back to the ol’ flowers for the time being. It was faster than doing my new one. I am tres lazy.

  5. Ilkka says:

    Thanks, too bad 2.0.6 -> svn trunk wasn’t this easy…

  6. Norway Chat says:

    I use Firefox in Ubuntu!

  7. Well at last catched the problem!

  8. I was very dissapointed of this.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to do it 🙁

  10. That’s awesome 🙁

  11. Well at last catched the problem…

  12. Thanks for taking the time to do it 🙂

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