super-customizing typo: svk & more

I’ve realized that to make Slash7 the site I really want, I’m going to have to do more than just change the theme… I need to customize Typo itself. Luckily, thanks to the structured nature of Rails applications, it couldn’t be easier.

It’s not without its own kind of trickiness, though. The bugbears come in the form of source control—I want to be able to keep systematic track of my changes so I can easily merge them back into Typo whenever I update.

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I’m not a version control ninja. Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around: I know how to install, configure, and use cvs and svn; I can diff and merge. I know how to resolve conflicts. But I don’t know anything about darcs or svk or managing patches. On the other hand, I do recognize a learning experience when one presents itself.

Turns out Typo heavyweight Scott Laird wrote a couple articles about just this very thing:

(Thanks for the links, Eridius!)

And some more links, because everybody loves links, don’t they?

I haven’t had a chance to set it all up yet, but I definitely feel much enlightened. And optimistic, too. After all, who could be afraid of a tool with a cute little pegasus as its logo?

OK, maybe it’s actually a camel with wings. Or a camel with a giant can opener attached to one side. Shhh. Don’t ruin my moment.

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  1. Hi Amy – Speaking of Rails structure, I managed to bring a lot of what I learned from the Rails structure into

    And each of the files in the "controllers" directory bears your influence, drawing inspiration from index.php in your Photo Sharing app (I think you did that one).

  2. Sean Bryant says:

    Oh you’ll have fun with this. As you probably know I’m a real big fan of Perforce version control.

  3. Amy Hoy says:

    Jon, nope, Photo Sharing wasn’t me. 🙂

    Sean, you like Perforce? I’ve been using it at work and I can’t say I like it one bit. The word "obfuscated" comes to mind.

  4. Pierre Lemieux says:

    Yes, I love links. 😉

    I wish to learn the basics of version control: do you have some readings to suggest (web or book)?

  5. I think it would be usefull for other users also…

  6. Ashburn Home says:

    i am not sure as to why.

  7. The problem is my browser 🙁

  8. Wailea Luau says:

    Well done, nice instructions 🙁

  9. The content of your show is great, I really enjoy it.

  10. Gonna have to give it a try.

  11. But I’m not sure why 🙂

  12. I was very dissapointed of this 🙂

  13. The content of your show is great, I really enjoy it 🙂

  14. There is some strange behaviour with this 🙁

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