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All we hear is radio silence, radio silence…

Poorly executed Queen reference aside, this post is just a little shout-out to say I’m still alive and kickin’. I don’t post about my personal crap on this blog but let’s just say there’s been an awful lot of it lately, and little has been going as planned. But I, I will survive. As long […]

Design’s first rule of business

There are so many things one could write if one were to, say, formulate a list of rules for design (and designers). I’m going to just stick with one, for now. The very first rule: Don’t insult the customer (Customer/viewer/user/reader/whatever) American Airlines obviously needs to learn this lesson. I mean, where can one even start? […]


In the hustle and bustle, somehow I forgot to mention: I’m at SXSW. Are you here too? Let’s say hi! Look for the girl with the yellow-blue-green hair (yeah, it’s a gradient) or hit me up on twitter and I’ll friend you and we can figure something out. Update So I have realized that the […]


Is this thing on? tap tap

Juice your creative orange with visual thinking

In the screencast I did with Miles, we ended up talking quite a bit about how I approach the development and brainstorming process when I’m working on a new project. People seemed intrigued by the topic of conversation, so I’ve been preparing a longer treatise on the subject. In short: pen and paper is your […]

Color links snacktastic

Still chipping away at the ol’ book. Argh. Argh. Did I mention argh? ARGH! Here are some tasty links to tide you over: Choosing color combinations from Veerle. It’s not nearly as exhaustive as I’d like, but color n00bs will find it very useful. Amazing animated personifications of color – sounds whacky, I know, but […]

Close-to-home example of good pimpin’

Speaking of pimpin’… Haml is a good example of a well-pimped product. You may not agree with their premise or execution, but doesn’t that site make you want to try it anyway? It’s also a great example of how good pimpin’ doesn’t necessarily require a flash design. (And by flash I mean “shiny” not, you […]

You gotta read this site.

And by “this site” I don’t mean Slash7 (although, you reading this site is also nice). I mean RubyInside. If you had to subscribe to just one Ruby blog[1], it should be this one. Take a visit and you’ll see why. [1] Speaking of why, why’s blog and RedHanded cannot count as “Ruby blogs” for […]

Pimpin’ Products Ain’t Easy

How do you raise awareness about stuff you make? How do you get people to download and try it, or sign up and try it—be it commercial, shareware, open source or otherwise free? How do you reduce the time you spend answering stupid questions which are answered in the FAQ, wiki, README, or whatever (if […]

Zany touch interfaces of the future

Bored? Uninspired? Here are some juicy things to mull over. Watch out, tons of video embeds! Multi-touch Systems that are “general” UI, accepting multiple touch inputs: Touch Paint Not multi-touch, and flawed in a number of ways I can immediately point out, but still an interesting tech demo. Music And some specialized ones for music. […]

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