Zany touch interfaces of the future

Bored? Uninspired? Here are some juicy things to mull over.

Watch out, tons of video embeds!


Systems that are “general” UI, accepting multiple touch inputs:

Touch Paint

Not multi-touch, and flawed in a number of ways I can immediately point out, but still an interesting tech demo.


And some specialized ones for music. They’re not touch sensitive exactly; they are using tools and placeholders to represent audio components. Way spiffy.



Jazz Mutant

(Depressingly, no sound on these one.)

Ambient Feedback Systems

And… a couple totally cool things, but “useless” from a productivity standpoint.

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  1. Amy,

    I’ve seen most of these clips before, but it is nice to have them all in one place 😉

    Here’s a link to another one:

    Which is the prototype multi touch table for Warcraft.

  2. Amy says:

    Nadeem, indeed, I’d seen most of them but got inspired to go look up some more when my coworker showed me the ReacTable, which I hadn’t seen.

    I always like looking at things like this, anyway.

    There’s some seriously cool stuff going on in the world, huh?

  3. Pieter says:

    This is pretty awesome. It can see some pretty cool applications in the information booth and game industries. Particularly I think this tech might work well in Supreme Commander (

  4. Phil says:

    Hey Amy,

    thanks for this post and your comments on mine… I’d be interested to hear your thoughts (and others’ thoughts!) on something I considered when reading your comment…

    These super cool ‘touch’ interfaces give us little to nothing by way of tactile cues as we interact with them, not as with buttons on a cell phone for example. Think about how useful those tactile, no-look cue really are in everything we do. I mean, c’mon, I’m even ‘touch’ typing!

    Anyway, love to hear peoples’ thoughts here and on my post,

  5. Nicole says:

    Man you don’t even know how long I’ve waited for this since disabling my own Movable Type widget (that doesn’t work since Haloscan bypasses that code).

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