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Last chance to save $5 on JavaScript Performance Rocks

Subtitle: Where the heck has Amy been!? Long and short: I been around, baby! Take 2 months of international travel (including 3 continents), working all the while, 2 conferences, and several biz collaborations. Add moving offices immediately upon return. Add finding, acquiring, and moving to a new apartment a couple weeks after that. Add to […]

Jelly! Talk Video from SXSW

While at SXSW, Thomas & I were invited to share a Jelly! talk with Naveen of FourSquare. Jelly! talks are put on by Yahoo! and Jelly!, the casual coworking movement. This one was held in the lovely Austin coworking space of Conjunctured. Here’s a link to the video. The first half is Naveen talking about […]

Things that don’t go as planned

Things that haven’t gone as planned lately: Managing a beta book in PDF/InDesign format. D’oh on that one. It’s taking a lot longer to update the book than I expected, because of the layout issues. And by “issue” I mean “my boneheaded decision to do the book in InDesign, even from the first beta.” I’m […]

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a special offer!

Hey guys. So amidst all this talk about splitting up my blog, etc., etc., etc… there’s something I forgot to mention. And it looks something like this: I can hear your shocked Inner Voice now: That’s a… that’s an ebook cover! Right in one! JavaScript Performance Expertise Coming Your Way Thomas and I have periodically […]

My blog’s splitting up: It’s not you, it’s me. No, really. It’s me. And me. And me…

Ladies and gentlemen, my blog is going through a split. Not a divorce. But a split. My topics just… need some space, you know? The Case Slash7, as it stands currently, is an undifferentiated mishmash of stuff. You can’t come to my site and see what it is that I do. Or rather, you see […]

New Cheat Sheet: Jump Start Ecommerce

I asked y’all what you’d like to see a cheat sheet on for Ruby Advent; Lakshan, Ruby Advent Guy, started off a number of requests for ActiveMerchant. You ask, I deliver. Well, maybe over-deliver is more accurate. To the tune of 7 pages of content, ranging from the overall CC processing “life cycle” (cue Lion […]

Hug Your App: Usability Audit for Christmas

You’ve got an app that is on its way to awesomeness. It just needs a little tender lovin’ care in the usability or design department to get there. Buuut… your budget can’t take a full redesign right now. And yet… January 1—and the end of taxable year 2008—is almost here. Well, as a small business […]

What to expect when you’re expecting… to launch your product

Holy cross-promotional posts, Batman! I wrote an essay on the freckle blog about what it’s like to launch. I think you might enjoy it. It’s two weeks since we launched freckle to the public. I know, now, what it feels like to have a small child. Perhaps I am a wee bit melodramatic (some might […]

Ruby Advent: Read it, & tell me what to do

Did you know there’s a Ruby Advent calendar this year? 24 days of Ruby goodness, leading up to what I fondly call “Giftmas” in my godless heathen way. The organizer, Lakshan Perera, has asked me to do a little somethin’ for it. Of course, I’m delighted. I want to do a cheat sheet. The day […]

Backwards lives

I stumbled across this fantastic quote this morning: Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what want so that they will be happier.The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then, […]

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