Ruby Advent: Read it, & tell me what to do

Did you know there’s a Ruby Advent calendar this year? 24 days of Ruby goodness, leading up to what I fondly call “Giftmas” in my godless heathen way.

The organizer, Lakshan Perera, has asked me to do a little somethin’ for it. Of course, I’m delighted.

I want to do a cheat sheet. The day I picked is the 21st. This is where you come in.

So I’ve got a homework assignment for you:

  1. Visit Ruby Advent. It’s pretty awesome and they deserve some more comments and attention.
  2. Give me suggestions on what topic I should pick for my Xmas gift to you & the Ruby/Rails community. All this startuppin’ and consultin’ and hustlin’ has left me a little drained and I need me some inspiration!

For #2, the only rules are: It has to be something a girl can explain visually, and please, nothing horrendously complex. I’m a little bit rusty on the Ruby. Do not ask me to explain the internals behind Ruby2Ruby, for example, because that would hurt my brain and Ryan Davis would laugh at me. Again. And I just can’t take that right now.

So, what do you think?


  1. Steve Tooke says:

    A Treetop cheat sheet would be awesome!

  2. Ryan says:

    You may or may not be familiar with Sequel (, but if you are, a cheat sheet for that would be perfect.

  3. Amy says:

    Sorry dudes, no can do. I’m not strong enough in any OSS Ruby projects except Rails.

  4. Josh Knowles says:

    What about a cheat sheet explaining the workflow behind the credit card processing, or something else like that that you guys worked through with Freckle.

  5. Lakshan says:

    Thanks for showing your love for Ruby Advent 🙂

    Am I eligible to do a suggestion? How about some ActiveMerchant goodness? I hope it’s what you got under the hood for payment processing.

  6. Michael Onarheim says:

    Maybe an updated rails sheet for 2.2? Or maybe for Ruby 1.9?

  7. Amy says:

    Ooh, maybe I could, Lakshan. And of course you’re eligible 😉 Two votes for payment processing… anybody else?

    Michael, my cheat sheets are usually single topic. A whole Rails 2.2 one would be more like a book 😀

  8. Juuso says:

    Another vote for payment processing! It’s a topic I dread, but would love to learn; your fresh experience with setting a payment system up would be perfect. And you could rant a bit (even on a cheat sheet), which you do better than most.

  9. Ahad says:

    I’m voting for the payment processing too!! Thanks Amy for your "good heartedness" and interesting style of writing!

    You got a subscriber from Karachi, Pak => and iz in love wit Rails!!!

  10. James says:

    Heres one that would probably fit on a nice A4, but one that would have helped me massively when I was just starting and still would, would be Ruby operators.

    From the == and !=, to the ~= <=> << += madness… that would be hella awesome.

    All other information out there is quite impenetrable, and Amy your cheatsheets, frankly, rule.

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