Jump Start *Your* Year of Hustle – Weekend Workshop

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Year of Hustle (thus the posts, and the tweets). I’ve been making notes of stories, and thoughts, and lessons, and results to share for months.

Last week I had the crazy idea to do a live, 3-hour workshop for those who want to make their own Year of Hustle, rather than making them wait while I trickle it out at a blog-post rate over the next 6 months.

I want to help people not make the same mistakes I did, and to share all the practical advice I’ve learned from shipping a SaaS product and a desktop software product, and an information product, forging partnerships on other future projects, etc., all in one crazy-making year.

So I’m doing it. This Sunday, Dec 13.

Join me for an informal-yet-planned, fireside chat about:

  • coming up with / picking your idea(s)
  • how to decide what to focus on
  • creating your year-longish game plan

Followed by:

  • pricing and charging money
  • getting attention (aka marketing) & reaching your audience
  • not working yourself to death

And, time permitting:

  • choosing & working with partners
  • tools that help

That’s about 2.5 hours of “lecturing” (but way more fun, I promise), mixed in with ~30 minutes of live Q&A. Plus a few food/nature/oh-my-ear-hurts breaks.

After the call, I’ll send out a worksheet to help you work up your game plan for 2010 — all gleaned from my experience and the literally hundreds of books I’ve read on business, marketing, and effecting personal change (woo! goals!).

If you’re shy (or a secret squirrel) and don’t want to ask your questions live, or we run out of time, I’ll take private questions by email.

All the details are here

If the above sounds interesting to you, click here to read the full 411.

Including time and price, not to mention more background information.

ADDITION: Please note that part of my overall workshop plan requires you to put your money where your mouth is. There are several reasons why, not the least of which is that it means that your mouth’s not writing checks your butt can’t cash. I want to help people who are ready, willing, and able, now, to start on their own Year of Hustle.

Also, since I’m honest: I like money, and I like raising money for charity (20% of the ticket price, in this case, goes to improve sanitation in developing nations. Again, more at the signup page).

I have no doubt, however, that you will be impressed by the bang for the buck.

I know this is short notice

Surprise! I’m doing a workshop in two days! Ha!

I’m probably earning major Flake Points for this weird announcement, but what can I say? I got the itch and the itch must be scratched!

I’m sorry if you’re excited by the idea but can’t make it, for whatever reason. But don’t you worry your pretty little head. There will be other workshops, non-live educational products, and, of course, I’ll keep the stream of free blog posts coming.

It’ll be super cool if you make it on Sunday, though! The maiden voyage, as it were, of a totally new approach for Slash7 and me 🙂

PS – go sign up now

If you’re interested & available, go learn more and grab your seat. I’m only selling a max of 20 tickets, for the cozy & personal experience.


  1. Erik says:

    I think your URLs are a little b0rked there. Unless you want to give us all admin accounts. 🙂

  2. Amy Hoy says:

    Oooops. Clipboard fail. Thanks Erik! Fixed.

    And I also added a clearer note that it is not free. Don’t want skimmers to be disappointed…

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