Last chance for the 20% off on JavaScript Performance Rocks!

Just wanted to let you folks know, we’re shipping our beta book JavaScript Performance Rocks! today in, oh, about 2 (maybe 3) hours.

Which means we’ll be sending out the discount codes in, oh, about 2 (maybe 3) hours.

If your name’s not on the list by then, you won’t get your code! (Stands to reason, right?)

But sign up is dead easy. Just fill out this little form, or click here and do it on the JS Rocks site:

Sign up for email discounts 🙂

Thanks, if you’re interested, and thanks if you’re not, for bearing with my pimp act this this week.

It’s for a good cause: Our goal is to not only teach people, but to “buy ourselves time” to work on (drumroll) Scriptaculous 2.0. Which, by the way, looks super awesome so far (but is not yet ready to go).

And don’t worry, this is me you’re talking about. I won’t spam you. (And I use Campaign Monitor to ensure getting off my list is easy. I have no desire to hold you hostage!)

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