Vitamin A (for Amy)

I’ve got an article up now at ThinkVitamin, the very awesome web developer / designer / entrepreneur weekly run by the lovely people at Carsonified (née Carson Systems). So, if you’re dying for your Slash7 fix, you might want to read Product Pages: So Much Suck, So Easy to Fix.

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  1. Tobie Langel says:

    Should have figured when reading the article through my RSS reader. Great read (as usual)!

    Lack of focus, bloat, featuritis, information overload… home come it’s always the same issue(s) everywhere?!

  2. Pierre says:

    Thanks a lot Amy, that article was just great 😉 … I’m no web designer myself, but it’s always good to know such things !

  3. Andrew says:

    Amy, thanks for the great article. As a RoR developer (wannabe at the moment), I think that UX designers will become more in more in demand as RoR gets easier and easier to learn and work in over time. With that in mind, do you have any books, websites, and even university courses/degrees you could recommend for someone who wants to become, or at least learn more about, being such a designer?

  4. hemel says:

    Hi Amy – thanks for putting the case so clearly and highlighting the compare and contrast. I’ve got some pointers on where we’ve gone wrong!

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