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Reminder: update your subscriptions

Just a friendly reminder, as I see more than 1,000 people still on the old feed URLs… please update your feeds! Either click here for the URL or otherwise update your feed reader with this URL: Thanks, guys! Oh, and if you’re wondering when the regularly scheduled Slash7 programming will return, well… book stuff […]

Failings of Interface, a Musician’s Perspective

When people program — i.e. decide on which set of possible options they should make available — they express a philosophy about what operations are important in the world. If the philosophy they express is anything like the level of breathtaking stupidity that the games they play and the internet conversations they have are, then […]

A silly little preview

Thank you for hanging in there during the lack of actual content. I know the bunch of small posts I’ve made lately are nothing useful or interesting (and I know I hate it when otherwise focused blogs go that way). It’s temporary, while my after-work hours are crazy book book book book did I mention […]

Anyone an IE Expert?

I’m taking a momentary break from the intellectual juicing that is writing. I feel like this was used on my head. Unfortunately I think I opted for an even more cranially abusive pastime: debugging IE display issues. I wanted to try the IE fix that reader Chris Patterson so generously supplied in a comment, but […]

Evolution of a Sentence

I haven’t had a lot of time to write the past week or two because of Things Going On, although I am in the middle of no less than three articles on varying topics (tech, writing, design). As I sat there last night, evolving a sentence in my upcoming JavaScript book, I thought I might […]

Regional Ruby Conferences Roundup

With the opening of South by Southwest Interactive, the tech conference season begins. Ruby on Rails is entering its third year, and Ruby itself is really coming into its own when it comes to events. There are a bunch of little regional Ruby conferences happening this year that you should know about, varying in degrees […]

Kindly update your subscriptions

After a long hard think, I’ve decided that I am going to consolidate all 3 of the old feeds into one feed. The new single feed is a “SmartFeed” from FeedBurner, so it should give you a friendly format no matter which feed reader you use. I’ve set old URLs to redirect for 30 days, […]

CoderPath Screencast with Moi

Guess all that free publicity must be good for something! Miles Forrest of CoderPath and I sat down last weekend and talked for about 3 hours about application design, the process of application invention, and all that good stuff. He trimmed it heavily and turned it into a screencast. Which you can watch here. For […]

OSCON 2007 Call for Papers

Hankerin’ to talk at length about some thing to a bunch of geeks in a fairly interesting city in the dead of hot, hot summer? Join me in Portland in July for OSCON. (Where it’s not actually all that hot—Pacific northwest weather is a lovely, lovely thing.) The call for participation is open, and if […]

Do you use Liquid?

Hey folks, can I get a show of hands for how many of you use the Liquid templating language… and where/for what? (For your app, for another app, like Mephisto or Shopify, etc.)

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