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Women in technology?

A while back, Tatiana Apandi—my long-suffering editor at O’Reilly—asked if I’d be interested in writing an essay about women in technology for a project she was working on. I was a little skeptical at first, being naturally suspicious of things that put the focus on sex rather than, oh, I dunno, how a person thinks […]

Evolution of a Sentence

I haven’t had a lot of time to write the past week or two because of Things Going On, although I am in the middle of no less than three articles on varying topics (tech, writing, design). As I sat there last night, evolving a sentence in my upcoming JavaScript book, I thought I might […]

Quick Glimpse: Evolution of Humor

You may think I’ve forgotten about the article I promised about tech writing, but I’m still chugging away. I spent quite a bit of time on it today, actually. It just keeps getting bigger. I’ve decided I have to split it into two parts: what’s wrong and why for part 1, and specific ideas for […]

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